**Please note - we are trialing the Coating and Protection for items sent from Australia only at this stage - this includes Auction Items**


Jewellery made from copper, brass, and silver is beautiful, but it can be difficult to keep clean and polished.  Izzystyle jewellery coats all of its pieces with ProtectaClear; an almost invisible clear coating, that once cured, provides a skin safe layer preventing tarnish, oxidation, fading, fingerprints, and skin discolouration.  


The coating will also prevent gold and silver plated Jewellery from wearing down to the base metal. It provides a natural looking finish with a just polished look and will ensure that your treasures stand the test of time.


The coating:


    • is a clear, practically invisible, protective coating that will keep metal looking freshly polished.
    • is highly resistant to salts and chlorines
    • is tough and durable - scratch resistant. 
    • is safe for skin contact 
    • is easy to apply and reapply and is completely reversible.
    • will NOT crack or yellow like lacquers.

      Our jewellery pieces are all carefully cleaned with Xylene then coated twice and air cured for 24 hours before heat curing for 4 hours.  



      Avoid wearing jewellery in the shower and whilst washing up.  Some shampoos, soaps and dishwashing liquids can contain solvents which can strip or damage the coating.

      Do not use solvent based and citrus cleaners or abrasives to clean the metal. Do not use cleaners with “petroleum distillates”.

      Clean with mild soap and water and dry well with a soft cloth.